Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Turn your light down low - waiting in vain

Listening to the great Bob Marley while I work and have a funny picture of a friend playing air guitar in my head.(Sorry, you had to be there!)

I did another 'installation' vid of me painting but it went on for way too long for this blog! A good 15 mins. It always amazes me how time flies when I'm in the flow. I love it.

So here is my latest work.
A corner of a street in Marsaxlokk, (photo on the side bar) a very pretty fishing village in Malta. As always the peeling paint and subdued colours are what catch my eye. I'm nervous about overdoing this one. I really want to keep the sketchyness of it. So I am tempted to leave it there. I'll start on something else for the time being and see how it goes in a few days time.

Started with a pencil sketch over the collaged surface.

Then layered some washy paint over the top. A fine black marker helps to pick out some depth. How to ruin an expensive marker: use it over paint. It takes about 2 minutes!

Oh great excitements, I'm having some post cards printed. Hopefully to sell. I'm using a mixture of photos taken in Malta and some of my art work.

Also, found some frames for my sketches.