Thursday, 19 August 2010

Manic Monday

or was it Wednesday?.......started and finished the boat picture. I was listening to some music that wasn't exactly chilled, and I found myself frantically applying paint. Layer over layer, rubbing it off, starting again. Sometimes this produces really nice effects and other times I just have to bin it. I happen to like this one, so it's staying!
I find listening to The Prodigy when I'm driving has the same effect...not to be advised!

Making lines on a newly gesso'ed canvas is always daunting. I don't know why I am such a girl about it. Did a rough outline in pencil fist and then got stuck in with the permanent marker. I hope this one is not going to turn purple......suppose I should have tried it first on a scrap of paper.
This view is taken from the sketch I did in Mdina. You can see the sketch in the post below.
Mdina is Malta's old capital, characterised by medieval,as well as baroque architecture. Frankly, although it is beautiful,it all looks a bit 'new'. Too much over restoration if you ask me. The narrow streets with tall houses lend themselves to many picturesque photographs.If you could get one in before the next batch of Spaniards walked in front of your camera, that is.

Tore some tissue paper and news print and randomly stuck the pieces down. Now waiting for it all to dry. Time for a coffee I expect.