Monday, 30 July 2012

Empty sky

A busy day finishing off two small canvases. The simplicity of the painting belies the amount of work needed to prepare the textured surface on which to work ! A little tidying up around the edges and will get these down to the gallery for the last weekend of the show. The exhibition has been a big success again this year, it's a shame it's not staying open until September.

I've been thinking about my workshops again. Something that had to go on hold this Summer. I may have to slightly change the format so that in a downsized space we can still experiment with expressive painting. It may be possible to do something at Sea Green Studio, so please let me know if you might be interested. Email on the side bar. Another alternative I have been toying with is to film the workshop as a course for DVD. That may take a while though to sort. Again, if you are interested please let me know !

Have the courage to throw yourself into life, take risks, weather blows, knowing before you begin that you will be exposed to a series of opposites; success and failure, happiness and unhappiness, praise and blame.  -  Arnaud Desjardins

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Don't waste time dreaming small dreams.

I was woken at 4am today by a very noisy seagull sitting on the roof. The sun was coming up and it looked like the makings of a good day. Tilly was chomping at the bit by 6 and begging for a walk. It seemed like a plan to get up and do a circumnavigation before it became too hot for a small very hairy black dog. We were down by the water at 8. What a lovely quiet time, the only people around were some kayakers and the hard master opening up his hut. Tills went for a dip and chased gulls up and down and in and out of the sea. I sat for a while enjoying the view. It's always so different, what a difference a day can make.

Boats and boat yards continue to be a source of inspiration. peely paint and weathered wood.

 I love Tony's hut, filled with old photos and bits off boats.

 Two days ago, the sun had vanished and the water had an eerie feel, little distinction between sky and sea.

The latest two paintings done on board. These are now for sale at the waterside gallery. The Summer exhibition finishes next weekend.

 A yacht on a vast sea dreaming a big dream. Inspired by a sail a few weeks ago, when I spotted this yacht in the distance crossing the huge horizon, a rain storm in it's path and a lone seagull overhead.

......and this one a view of the beach huts in the distance....sorry not a very good image, still getting used to the camera.

I have managed to get two coats of paint on the outside of my studio, in between rain showers. Looking good. A few more shelves to go up and I will be sorted.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Skies .... the limit !

 A few days trawling up the coast to Ipswich. The weather forecast wasn't good, but as I live in the driest part of the country it was worth going for it. I love being on the water, what ever the weather. Capturing the true colours of the ever changing sky is always difficult. How wonderfully the sky and sea contrast, so beautiful.

 Harwich looks quite different from the sea. Even the freight tankers being loaded with their 5000 containers, on the opposite bank at Felixstowe, looked serene against the skyline. It was a little unnerving skipping along  
with the brisk breeze, whilst the mountainous ships thundered in and out of the port.

 Down the river Orwell and the massive bridge loomed ahead. An amazing alternative view as we sailed under it.

 Homeward run was spent huddled under the spray hood waiting for the torrential down poor looming ahead. I was lucky it skipped past and headed for the wind turbines on the horizon.
Now for some work using these fab colours.