Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I have been asked by the Multiple Sclerosis Trust, to produce a small artwork 4'' x 4'' on paper, to be sold at the Secret Art Show along with other artists work, in September. Obviously all proceeds go to supporting the MST. If you are interested in purchasing any of the may artworks available, you can find more info on their website.  This unique exhibition gives visitors the chance to buy a mini-masterpiece for only £45. All pieces of artwork are the same size, fitting into a CD case and are sold anonymously in aid of the MS Trust. The art is signed on the back and only at the end of the show, do people find out whose art they have bought.   Obviously if people looked here first it wouldn't be very secret !!! LOL

This is a  beautiful meditation that I breathed whilst painting the little pictures above, in memory of my Father who died last week. A very special man.

Breathe and you know you are alive.
Breathe and you know that all is helping you.
Breathe and you know that you are the world.
Breathe and you know that the flower is breathing too.
Breathe for yourself and you breathe for the world.
Breathe in compassion and breathe out joy.
Breathe and be one with the air that you breathe.
Breathe and be one with the river that flows.
Breathe and be one with the earth that you tread.
Breathe and be one with the fire that glows.
Breathe and you break the thought of birth and death.
Breathe and you see that impermanence is life.
Breathe for your joy to be steady and calm.
Breathe for your sorrow to flow away.
Breathe to renew every cell in your blood.
Breathe to renew the depths of consciousness.
Breathe and you dwell in the here and now.
Breathe and all you touch is new and real.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Flaming June

We had a good start to the Brightlingsea Waterside Gallery show. Despite the grim weather there was a healthy turn out of people over last weekend. and much in the way of our arts and crafts were sold. Result ! The gallery will be open every weekend until July 15th.

Today the sky looked grey and it was blowing a hoolie. It felt chill, but nothing a warm fleece and scarf couldn't handle. I love to be by the sea in this weather, even though a few degrees warmer at this time of year would be appreciated. The racing Smacks, skimmed over the waves like paper boats, a joy to watch.
The ever changing colour of the sky, sand and sea is always breathtaking, and almost impossible to catch on film. It's so quick in it's chameleon like nature. By the time I gasp and think 'wow look at that' it's gone....changed.... and the camera has missed it.

 I never tire of this coast line. My work for our Pilgrimage exhibitions focuses totally on this ever changing landscape and my thoughts as I observe. It has become a bit of an obsession, all consuming. The Pilgrimage travelling show will be stopping next at The Coach House coffee shop, down at the waterfront, Brightlingsea, in July.

 Apparently a harbour porpoise had been washed up on the rocks yesterday. I went to have a look but couldn't find it. Maybe it had been washed out again on the tide or was just well camouflaged amongst the weed covered stones. I wasn't prepared to risk life and limb by clambering over the treacherously slippery rocks in flip flops, to get a closer look !