Thursday, 5 August 2010

Malta - Balconies

I have so much material to use in paintings and collages, I hardly know where to start. My trip to Malta has had a lasting impression on me. Although I found the soaring temperatures quite difficult to sit and paint in, my camera was a triumph, even if I can't do it justice and like a Japanese tourist, was snap happy. Balconies, doors and colourful fishing boats became a bit of an obsession and 300 photos later I need to sort them out into categories.
So here is the first batch. I was struck at lovelyness and romanic nature of these Romeo and Juliet balconies. They came in all shapes and sizes and were pretty higgledy piggledy in their arrangement.
I just love the peeling and faded paint all held together with a tangle of electric cables and phone lines. New builds have obviously been instructed to carry on in the Maltese tradition, though sadly don't have the charm of the earlier models.