Friday, 27 August 2010

37 Days

I was recently reading a blog called 37 Days which asks the question ' What would you be doing today if you had 37 days to live?' The reason for this question can be read here .

Which kinda got me thinking......well what would I be doing? What would you be doing?

Initially, I had a very very very long list.....not least, catching the next aeroplane flying south.
I wrote the list, scribbled it out and wrote it again....nope...nothing...nothing different.....I would do nothing, other than what I do on a day to day basis. This is my life. Sure, there are things I
would like to change in my life or do differently, people I want to see or places I want to
visit. But if the time aint right, the time aint right and me dying in 37 days isn't going to change that. And doesn't matter.

What is important is living now, in this moment. It's exciting not know what is round the next corner, in the next day. I take steps, daily, to move things in the direction I want to go. If I want something badly enough I will get there. Sometimes experiences rush at me, at other times it takes longer to reach a goal. You can't rush the process.

Does it really take something like a Dr only giving you weeks to live for you to really live your
life? We are all dying, it's just that some die sooner than others. The day you celebrate a baby's birth, you also acknowledge it's death.*

So every time I sell a painting, some of that money goes to one side, so that very soon I will be on that plane again. Tomorrow is going to be a very creative day...I can feel it.

What would you be doing today?