Monday, 3 December 2012


We all need reminding from time to time. Have a nice day :0)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Blue Peter eat your heart out

Never a dull moment, and if there is, make something. I don't often have times when I am not inspired to do something creative, even if it's just pushing a camera into my pocket and taking a walk. Anyway on this particular occasion, it was raining hard and I didn't much feel like going out for a long walk. I had completed all the watercolours and I just wanted something to fill a couple of hours. So here is my master class in how to make three or more Christmas stockings out of a charity shop jumper.

First put on your coat and go to your local charity shop. Browse through all the fabrics and sweaters they have available. I was particularly looking for a wool sweater so that I could 'felt' it in the washing machine. There weren't any, so had to make do with an acrylic M&S cream one. I then found a child's red check dress that would do for ribbons and applique hearts etc. 
Cut out a template for the shape of the stocking. Newspaper will do if you don't have anything else. Pin that onto the jumper, bearing in mind the ribbing will make a good cuff. You should be able to get two big stockings out of the main part and probably two smaller ones out of the arms. 

Draw around the template and cut out roughly around the shape. Sew the two sides together. This is best done with a machine but equally effective by hand. All those Pilgrim fathers had to do it by hand, and it was good enough for them.

 Cut strips of a complimentary fabric for the ribbon ties, and thread through the top of the stocking and some simple heart shapes and initials if you like. The stitching doesn't have to be especially neat and actually adds something if you use a contrasting colour. I sewed my hearts on with scarlet thread. I also added a finishing touch of bells dangling from the toes.

Hey presto 3 fab stockings ready to fill with pressies and hang from the fire place (if I had one). My children are probably too old to have stockings any more, so I will have to find some other children with the initials A & P to give these to......unless......

So there you go, how to fill a grey and miserable Saturday afternoon !