Sunday, 15 August 2010

Experimental times

Working on the small canvas as seen on the blog post below. It's a little experimental and at the moment too much is going on. I'm hoping that the black marker, which has now turned an alarming purple, will die back. A couple of coats of paint and then varnish, should change it's appearance. The reaction of varnish and pen should make it go a kinda greeny colour. Well at least it did on the other works!!

The boy has been gainfully employed putting up the wood around the walls of the studio. To be honest there would have been a great deal less mess and less moaning about not having the right tools for the job, if I had done it myself. But the final result was neat and just what I needed to hang some pictures. I have only just realised how much more tidying up needs doing before the space is fit to welcome visitors......let alone look vaguely like a gallery!

For more information on the Colchester & Tendring Open Studios 2010 click on the link on the side bar. My studio is open the weekends of 25/26th Sept and 1/2nd Oct. I shall keep putting up reminders!