Monday, 30 August 2010


Layering gives depth to a painting and some times I end up endlessly layering! This one started with a pen outline, then a wash of colour, similar to the stone work. Then shading and more pen.
Some writing and circles, some drizzled very thin paint along the bottom. I love words......and like to embed some in each piece. They don't have to have any relevance to the work, just something that strikes a cord at that particular moment. That way each piece is special, has meaning for me, a piece of me embeded in my work.
Typed something up on the computer, used a type face I liked, printed it off, rubbed some paint over them, tore around the edges and stuck them on.
At this point the colour was way too strong and I felt it all needed knocking back.....out came the white paint....looking like a snow storm now. Will let it dry then sandpaper some of it away