Monday, 1 October 2012


 So for the rest of the week I am in Winterton-On-Sea. I have never been on the East coast of Norfolk before...and very beautiful and windswept it is. Strange post apocalyptic huts huddle in the dunes.

 No clues as to what they are used for, though I am guessing they house fishing boats. There was no debris lying around to suggest this though. All a little spooky.
Rusty hinges and peeling paint caught my eye.

 Squally showers dominated the day and every time I tried to get the paints out another shower came.
To tell the truth my heart wasn't in it and a long walk seemed like a better idea.

 Absolutely fabulous coastline.

Look at these, my word how bizarre are they? stuck in a sand dune in Norfolk. Apparently the man who owns the holiday resort is South African..ah so that explains it ....not !