Sunday, 30 September 2012

Climb up on the roof and dance….....

…… Like this …..

Is a changeling of a poem by the 13C Persian Sufi, Rumi.

To hear the poem beautifully read by Tilda Swinton go to my Tumblr page HERE (go on….it might just light a candle) ((..and thanks to mycuriousteaparty for bringing it to my attention!))

The words “Like this.”  Ask us to watch and listen.  How easy it is to get caught up in long conversations, arguments, and debates, when all that is needed is a simple action….like this.
A small action is so much more valuable than endless words. Lighting the candle says so much more than explaining how to do it. Doing the housework is a candle, controlling your temper in a difficult situation is a candle, listening to your partner or friend is a candle - any act of generosity, patience, or kindness is a candle.
Rumi’s message is that the currency of love is not words but actions. If you love someone, act with that love. If someone you love is far away from you, express that love with the faith that it will reach him or her and it will find a way.

I have become bogged down with words, the words of others, the words and thoughts going around in my head. So much so I have become frozen, incapable of moving. What should I say? What should I do? 

Do nothing.....sit in silence... Like this
Shikantaza? .... Like this.

Don't think Turner need worry LOL ! It's harder than it looks, and believe me this was the best of yesterday's. Ho ho. More to come, bet you can't wait.
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