Saturday, 13 October 2012

Muddy ditches and boats

A start with watercolour. A creek view and big sky. I haven't finished either and if I am truthful, frightened of  going further and making a mess. There have been a number of 'failures' and I feel these two have had a good start! But as I tell my workshop students...'there are no failures, only learning curves!' A painting is only satisfactory or pleasing to the artist (or less so) and really it doesn't matter what other people think. I feel as if I am trying to work too small, and therefore being too detailed, but at the moment space is at a premium and I only have a small table on which to paint. I am really trying to achieve a very impressionist painting, using only washes.

 Maningtree is a muddy ditch at low tide, but the light on the mud is so silvery and beautiful. So many shades of warm and cool greys shimmer on the surface.

A very wabi sabi boat ! A net holds everything together, it appears to be the fabric of the boat. When it finally rots away so the boat will fall apart. Reminded me of Indira's net. The idea that every thing is held together by invisible links, everything is joined, nothing is separate. Every vibration made on the net, affects the the stability of everything (us) connected along it's fabric. A seemingly innocuous action or word, good or bad, will reverberate through the whole system, effecting everything, everyone.