Saturday, 9 July 2011

A red thread runs through my life

Well, I'm back ! What an amazing time I had. The Scilly Isles are beautiful and inspiring, the time on my own meant I was able to focus on details. The smallness of things we take for granted and how everything pulls together to make this a beautiful planet. I took over 600 photos ! It will take me some time to sift through them all. Not only do they evoke memories of a moment but they are also a useful 'sketch book'. I don't bother to take a set of paints any more, finding a camera a more instant and useful tool. 
I became obsessed with the ever changing sky, the glistening sands which look like some one has spilled a pot of glitter on it, my shadow, the worn and peeling paint on doors and boats, the balancing of stones, and in my final week a bizarre encounter with two very lovely people.

I think it was Picasso who said 'Without great stillness, there is no great creativity'. How true. It's not until we stop, stop moving, stop talking that we start to notice the things in between. The detail.
My tent became the focus of my first week. The sky was changeable, cold and dark, sunny and bright, and although I walked my socks off, there were times when I sat out the showers in my tent! Counting raindrops, watching a spider make and remake its tiny web. 

I did much stone balancing, which wasn't easy in the wind! Most of them didn't balance long enough for me to take a pic..but no matter that wasn't really the point.

Peeling paint always holds a fascination for me....I lurve shabby chic!!

The changing skies were amazing and I have many photos of chocolate boxy sunsets. Not something I would ever make a painting out of , but as a reference for colour...essential.

I'm not sure yet how all this will be interpreted into some art works, and I expect it will take a little time for it all to filter through. I wrote a sort of a diary and I may concentrate on making a series of paintings that have the feel of a diary. Snippets of a day in words colours and feelings....Oooh exciting!