Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Lessons learned

Green Pebble   Art magazine for East Anglia had asked me to submit some images of my work for greetings cards. Yesterday I started to gather the images they asked for from the recesses of my laptop, only to find ..shock, horror....I had deleted the originals...Argh! In my enthusiasm to clear up my computer a few months ago, of all the detritus, They must have been in a folder hidden away. Blimey, what a nuisance. This means I only have copies of much reduced image size to offer. Will just have to wait and see if they are good enough to go to print. *Note to self* Be more organised !!!

This series of works based on my stay on the Scilly Isles, will, I think, take the shape of a diary or sketch book. Notes of thoughts, snippets of ideas, the things that caught my attention, day dreams. A box of sea urchin shells, a stone balancing in the evening sun, a view through the sand dunes as I lay on my tummy., a tangle of seaweed. Today, making a start, I've used very watery paint and scribbled with pen. Letting it dry and will continue tomorrow.