Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Where angels fear to tread

What's happened to Summer? I'm not feeling the love for this mediocre weather. I operate best in tropical temperatures. A valid reason for migrating south, me thinks.
Last few days I have been trying to finish up a couple of works. I like to have a few things on the go, so I don't waste time waiting for things to dry.....the down side is it takes ages to finalise a piece ! Wanting to get a  semblance of sea spay without having to use minute brush strokes.....In comes an old tooth brush in true 'Blue Peter' style. (I'm sure I gave a Tracy Island the same treatment!) to splatter some colour about. Obviously areas not wanting to be paint covered needed a covering of newspaper and masking tape. (It's a pity I didn't think of moving/covering my laptop too..Hmm). Anyway a face full of paint and a studio resembling an 'after Jackson Pollock' on a mushroom trip later...here are the results.

Having the attention span of a flea, I also have to keep changing the size of my canvas and techniques used.....lest I get bored. I quite like using these small 12"x12" boards, it requires a different mind set to working on large canvases. I'm going to screw the boards onto paint washed panels as before.

I love this image, below, captured one evening on St Martins. This guy was emptying crab shells into water, when out of nowhere a flock of  shite hawks, as they are endearingly referred to on the Scilly's, appeared. I wasn't quick enough to capture the initial onslaught, but I like it anyway.

It brings me to mind of how seemingly accidental meetings or incidents can prove to be, just the situation you had been looking for. Instead of trying to control a situation to fit in with what we think we want or need (although I do appreciate that at times we need to) and instead, be open to whatever happens along. Allowing instinct to play an important role and go where angels fear to tread. A bit like instinctively reaching behind your head for a pillow in the night.  Anyway this was just one of a few bizarre encounters I had whilst on these lovely islands, and I'm sure because my mind was open, I was able to see the specialness of a fleeting moment.

So initial pencil drawing, changing the position of a few of the gulls for artistic licence! Not sure how I'm going to treat this yet, but will probably start by laying down some colour washes and go from there.