Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Between times

Exciting news....Green Pebble have just come back to me with the images they have provisionally selected for greetings cards (above). Woop woop ! They look great, so hope all goes to plan and they will be for sale in art galleries and shops some time soon.
The original fishy ones are currently hanging in The Treble Tile restaurant, West Bergholt.

Slow work in the studio. I'm still formulating ideas and dong lots of sketchy work. It will come in time, it can't be rushed. At the moment my job is to just turn up and sometime time soon the ideas will come together!
A bit like the tiny spider in my tent. 
Notes from Monday 20th June:

'Bardo' a Tibetan word meaning between. Between life and death, death and life. Mist so thick I can't see the Off islands. A hot Cornish pasty from the Deli, steaming and sweet. Clang, clang of the Bouy out at sea. Myriad raindrops on my tent roof. A tiny spider above my head, busying herself making a web. Teasing out the silk, attaching it to the fabric, running out a long line to the other side, methodically wrapping it round and round. She waits patiently, legs spread out over the web, feeling the tension. Waiting...... in bardo..... 1 hr, then 2. The tent rocks in the storm and part of the web comes loose, she scurries to mend the tear. Small flies venture close, but not close enough. She waits, not knowing tomorrow I shall be moving and likely she will die as I bag up my tent. Her life, and mine, is in this moment. Now.

'Meditation is like doing nothing, looking at nothing in particular. Relishing the plainness, the life in between' John Tarrant