Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Unusualy for me, I have everything finished, varnished and ready to go down to Alex next week. haven't quite sorted the labels yet or given every piece of work a name....but hey.
I feel, now as if I have done all the fish in me for the time being. I don't want to do any more for the moment. Trouble is people like them and they sell!
I need to do something completely different for a while, I think I shall start to experiment with calligraphy. I love to use words in my work, even if they make no sense, I like the shapes and patterns they create. Or maybe just take a lot of photographs and go from there. I am always drawn to the sea and I expect any photographs will have a strong element of the coast in them. I'm very drawn to crumbling walls and doors....peeling paint. I love the photos I took of doors in Greece and Libya last year (see previous posts), maybe a project involving wabi sabi, weather beaten doors of Essex...... No? ! Hmmm!