Friday, 21 January 2011

First Sight of Firstsite!

I have won 2 tickets to visit the new contemporary arts centre..still under Colchester. How exciting. There has been a real buzz about the construction of this very contemporary design in a town that essentially has its feet well and truly stuck in the past. Rafael Vinoly is the architect responsible, and I have been a big fan since I attended a lecture by him. He just filled the audience with awe as he described how he put together the design, working around some yet unexcavated Roman ruins on the site.
The project has undergone major criticism along with financial difficulties but now looks back on track to open next year. So hard hat and steel cap booted up I shall be having a look around next weekend.

While I was on the Firstsite web site I came across a short film about Michael Goddey's 17 mile bicycle trail around Colchester. Michael, a sculptor, taught me a  few years ago and I was always impressed with his thinking outside the box. This trail is no exception. Has it inspired me to pump up the tyre on my bike?.....No.
But I may walk it instead! Have a look at the clip below.