Sunday, 27 February 2011


It was a beautiful Spring like day today, the birds were twittering and all was well. I went down to Brightlingsea for a walk. It's the perfect place for a little bit of me time, time for reflecting. 
Sheltering from the wind in a beach hut porch, I watched the world go by. People marching up and down, chattering noisily, kids throwing stones in the sea, dogs with ears flapping, seagulls screeching.

The light is always so wonderful down there and I love to just sit and watch the clouds rushing through the sky. I was struck by the strong horizontal and zig zag lines the sea, sky and sandbanks were making. I shall use those elements in a painting. 

.....By three thirty all the noisy people had gone and I was left alone to feel the quiet. Muses..... want to rent a beach hut here for the Summer, so I can paint, or just sit. 
The cold begining to seep in now *Ching - idea* Tony will know someone who will know someone who will let me rent one, ........saunters off for a warming cup of tea with him and to listen to a few more of his stories of life on the high seas.
The sun was setting over the field as I reached home.....what a lovely day. Thank you.