Saturday, 23 October 2010

Small dog, vast sky

 A drive out to Harwich, well Dovercourt to be precise, on a cold and blustery Autumn day. The clouds were racing across the sky as if they were late fore something. The tide was in, leaving not much sand to walk on. How I love his coast line . Not pretty like the west country, but big and open and woolly. It holds no prisoners and only those brave enough to feel the lashing east wind on their faces, appreciate fully the vasteness.

The sand was littered with shells and with every step I took, I bent to collect yet another. each one resembling an animal skeleton. The more I picked up, the more I wanted to make some sort of  'land art'. But the wind was keen and small black terriers feel the cold when they have been surfing. I wondered how I could use the shells when I got home. Possibly in a sculpture or maybe just pick up on the colours for a painting.


There is free parking at the end of West End Lane, near the rec. I wonder if I could walk south, all the way to Kirby Le Soken...I guess looks pretty marshy!