Friday, 8 October 2010

What makes ART?

So what do you think makes art? Does it mean it's something you can pick up and take home? is it something pleasing to the eye? should it challenge? move boundaries? does photography count?...Blue tack on a wall? transitory land art that is only recorded by a photograph or a narrative? 
Art is subjective and every single person out there has an opinion on what it means to them...if anything.

For me, art has to be original in it's concept, but not necessarily original in it's execution. Some very famous artists including Picasso and Damien Hurst, not to mention Old Masters have used a myriad of student artists to carry out the work for them. Although the original idea was theirs, they employed their students to execute the work. Artists have used age old techniques, rolled with other artists ideas, but always the original concept was the thing that made it different and 'art' and specific to a particular artist. I could go on all day about how I think a blob of bluetack on a white wall (Martin Creed pared down his art to the barest minimum, finally only being left with the tack that holds it on the wall)is a genius piece of art and how I don't like a Constable. 

What do you think?
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I will be soon starting my 'winter job' which entails helping run our business here at the farm. Which doesn't give me much time to be in my studio. As I was walking Tilly today, I thought I must find something creative that can be done on my daily dog walk around the farm. This is normaly a time for contemplation and meditation. *Thinks* I will combine my daily meditation and walk and turn it into an art piece ....Huzzah! I'm not sure yet how this will pan out..... maybe a daily photograph that records my walking meditation.

Today I decided to count my steps and pick up a small stone for each 100 steps. It's harder than it sounds but certainly concentrates the mind. It's almost impossible to 'think' and count properly. At one point my mind wandered and I lost the numbers, and had to go back to where I knew I had picked up the last stone and start to re count from there. 
You see, I felt I couldn't cheat, and guess where I my counting had reached. Not that anyone would know if I had cheated.....but to me that would make it a walk, picking up stones, and most definately NOT art ! 
The 'Art' is doing the thing, exactly as it happens, that the walk is the finished piece. It just needs to be recorded. 
There were places where I needed to pick up a stone but there weren't any, so I took small leaves instead, with the idea I would change them for stones at the end. But when I came to swap them I couldn't do it!. Again, that would be cheating and not how it happened and not Art.

Today I picked up 25 stones and leaves with an extra 37 steps, equating to 2537 steps in all! a distance of 1.18 miles, according to google maps.

THIS IS THE WALK     Best viewed in Satellite or Earth mode