Thursday, 14 October 2010

Open sesame

I'm lucky enough to be showing work in a number of shows in the next couple of months, the only down side is trying to decide what work to put in what show! 
I am getting more and more into assemblage, incorporating painting with an over engineered use of found objects. I love to use great big hinges and rusty nails to hold down a very delicate feather for example, or a rusty chunk of metal used to bind two bits of wood together. It's all a bit girlie in execution, and all you DIYers out there, would be tutting at my use of nails instead of screws....and not even ones that match!

These two 'fishy' works I will take down to Brightlingsea at the weekend to be part of the annual winter show at the Coach House Coffee Shop down near the harbour. Alex always has a great selection of artists showing and it's an exciting mix. 

Some more assemblage recently made. 
The one below is called Open Sesame but I've used the Arabic word simsim. The words open sesame are spoken as an unfailing means of gaining admission....the word 'Inshalla' ....if Alla wills, are on the door....and 'what lies within' serve as a possible warning! Read into it what you will.

Words of wisdom encased in cotton. Click on the pic to enlarge.