Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Secret Art Show Preview & QR codes

The Multiple Sclerosis Trust Secret Art Show opens for viewing on Friday 28th September with sales starting on Friday 5th October. If you click HERE you can glimpse a preview and get some more info on the sale. My painting is not on the preview, but if you check out the sale, I'm sure you will spot it.

I made a very exciting discovery yesterday ! The existence of QR codes. For those of you, like me, who are dinosaurs when it comes to anything techy, QR codes are like funky bar codes. You can easily create your own personal bar code, so that peeps with smart phones, can point the phone at the little square, zap the QR code and be instantly whisked away to your web site. This is such a neat idea. The code can easily be put on price tags or business cards to save having lengthy www. addresses. Sooooo here's mine:

Neat huh ?  If you would like to learn more click HERE
The possibilities are endless.....such fun !