Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Skies .... the limit !

 A few days trawling up the coast to Ipswich. The weather forecast wasn't good, but as I live in the driest part of the country it was worth going for it. I love being on the water, what ever the weather. Capturing the true colours of the ever changing sky is always difficult. How wonderfully the sky and sea contrast, so beautiful.

 Harwich looks quite different from the sea. Even the freight tankers being loaded with their 5000 containers, on the opposite bank at Felixstowe, looked serene against the skyline. It was a little unnerving skipping along  
with the brisk breeze, whilst the mountainous ships thundered in and out of the port.

 Down the river Orwell and the massive bridge loomed ahead. An amazing alternative view as we sailed under it.

 Homeward run was spent huddled under the spray hood waiting for the torrential down poor looming ahead. I was lucky it skipped past and headed for the wind turbines on the horizon.
Now for some work using these fab colours.