Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Work in progress-ish

This weather is hampering progress. I have one small radiator in the studio, on day and night. In these icy conditions it has little effect. Progress is slow as I can only manage to do about half an hour's work before my fingers go completely numb ! I need a wood burner.
I have taken apart an old lattice work Indian mirror. Wanting to create the impression of a grill or doorway, through which one might view a scene. The mirror was very damaged when I picked it up for little money at a local sale room. I haven't trashed a priceless antique ! Some metallic and white spray paint will cover the brown wood and tie it in with the picture. I have some larger segments of the mirror that I will be able to hinge on another work and use them like a door. The viewer will be able to open the door to see the image behind.

Roll on Spring.