Thursday, 16 February 2012

Walking into the light

It is no small thing to follow your path. To have the courage to be your true self, rather than the person others would like you to be.

My Pilgrimage Diaries allude to the truth beyond speech. Communication that is felt but not spoken, intuition is the silence between the words, the unspeakable.

Every atom in our bodies came from a dying star, a Super Nova explosion. Probably the atoms in our left hand came from a different star than the ones in our right hand. It’s a phenomenal thought. Nothing happens in isolation, even the seemingly innocent. As we walk, insects, birds and animals hurry, scurry through the grass, a ripple effect as the unspoken message is passed on, not through words but by intuition, intelligent talk.

A chance meeting or event may change the path we walk. We may take a fork in the road, not previously considered, because of a seemingly random occurrence. With hindsight we look back over our life and recognise that every step we intuitively took was the perfect stepping stone to this moment. There is no need to see the bigger picture, we just need to have the courage to take the next step.

Notice the perfection of the moment, stop and sense how everything about you is perfect, a snapshot, a capturing of an instant in time. This is what I have captured in my diaries, a moment.

Art is not about the form it takes, it’s about where that form takes you. What the piece evokes in the viewer, good or bad. It’s not about me, it’s about you.

First Exhibition starts on 3rd April @ Jardine's in Wivenhoe