Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Open your eyes

I'm in danger of tweeing everything up. The pilgrimage exhibitions are an opportunity to escape the drudgery of doing the freekin' fish, of  making a really special effort not to do the expected. At the same time I am very aware that not only would I like to sell some work, but the gallery owners need to make a living too. I'm always having to think 'would I hang this on my wall?' I suppose I should look at it from a different angle.....If I am really happy with a piece then I'm sure others will be !

Live your adventure

I'm working on 4 0r 5 different pieces at the same time. Different sizes but basically the same theme. None finished. If I tweek one, I tweek the all !

The crow above was on an old discarded canvas lurking behind a collection of abandoned boards. I found it  again today, reapplied some paint using the same colours as the new pieces I am working on, and now I'm really happy with it !

The pilgrimage works are a little more abstract than normal and I really like working like this. I prepared a statement the other day, putting into words what the word pilgrimage means to me and to formulate my ideas about these new works,. It has given me both direction and inspiration. Concentrated my mind on exactly what I wanted to produce. So I will share it with you !

A Pilgrimage is a journey of risk and renewal. For a journey without challenge has no meaning. One without purpose has no soul, by definition it is life changing. A pilgrimage is to lose yourself or to find yourself.
My pilgrimage to the sea is both renewing and balancing. I am constantly drawn to the scent of the sea; the pungent smell of seaweed, the scrunch of shells and pebbles beneath my feet, the clanking of halliards in the wind, or a rock balancing  meditation.

Pilgrimage diaries
The works serve as a collection of textually chronicled memories. Where I record my experiences in an illegible, secret diary of layered calligraphic and palimpsestic markings. These personal journals are a process of meditation, memories flowing onto backdrops of maps or collaged pages torn from books. The voyeur struggles to make sense of my thought process, hoping to catch a glimpse of the special places and people I encounter.