Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I think I first heard the word serendipity, some time back in the 60's on a Dr Who episode ! It's one of those words, that when you are 7 years old or so, kinda sticks in your head as being  funny.....anyway, it's a very useful word. Today it is the happy accident I discovered whilst trying to mop up too much paint from a canvas. Using 'Juan sheet of Plenty' Lay the paper onto the paint, lift  off to find a really nice texture remaining. Repeat as many times as necessary !

Here I'm painting three canvases using some really fab bowl shapes. Each bowl has a different texture, one is crackle glazed, one is turned wood which has a really nice grainy texture, and the pair are ceramic with swirly detail. I want to keep the 3 works, not so much as a trio that can't be separated, but just 3 different works following a theme.

I have used tissue paper within the bowl shapes to add a dimension. The colours are muted and of a similar tone but slightly different hues.

Must get on !