Sunday, 2 October 2011

Making the most of it

I suspect this is going to be the best day until sometime next April....not to waste a drop of the rare October sunshine, I headed off down to Brightlingsea. It was an exceptionally low/high tide today making the creek look like an arena for mud wrestling !  A touch of stone balancing was in order. Even though my concentration was broken by a gathering crowd!!! I did manage to balance 3 impressive rocks but only captured 1 on film. The other two toppled before I could position myself with the camera.. Although the point is not to boost my ego with 'proof' , it is nevertheless nice to keep a record.

A long walk along through the salt marshes, watching the wading birds frantically feeding, before the tide rushes back in along the well worn gullies......I do love this bit of coast. Not traditionally pretty but it feels very real.