Thursday, 2 June 2011

The only way is Essex

All is quiet in the studio this week, I've had a truck load of other things to do. I did, however finish the large board,along with seagulls to go on the hoarding at Brightlingsea Marina. It hasn't been put up yet so am unable to show it in situ.
In 10 days I'm off on my travels. My large bag is organised ish with all the paraphernalia needed for almost a month away from home on a camping trip. I think this may well turn out to be an exercise in endurance and how to pare one's life down to the bare essentials! Anyway I'm well excited.
I've prepared 5 boards for my return, so that I can get cracking with all the ideas that I'm sure will be bubbling to the surface. Full of light and sounds and smells of the sea, I hope my paintings will reflect the experience.

As there is a lack of art work to show this week, I'll post some photos taken today as Tilly and I strolled the half a mile down to the river.

Contrary to popular belief Essex is a lovely place to live. The sunshine coast. Maybe Saaaff End is not quite so picturesque but there is certainly a beauty in the more bleak lanscape in the south of the county. Here we are in the 'North', in much revered 'Constable Country' I hate that title but I suppose it gives an idea of what to expect! 

Looking longingly over the river to Suffolk.

Behind, the steep incline up to the church and Hall, (where we lived many moons ago, and where no 2 child was born. We now live on the Farm just behind that) Norfolk eat your heart out. I'm pretty sure this is the highest point in Essex.....could be wrong though!

I think the black smudge is the blinkin horse fly that had followed me all the way down the hill.....What a lovely June day it is.....PS On closer's a damsel fly !

I'll be back some time in July......toodle pip.