Monday, 23 May 2011


A couple of jobs needed doing today.....finish the small painting on wood I started the other day, and to start something on a 4'x 4' board, destined for Brightlingsea Marina. There is an expanse of hoarding there, needing covering. Local artists have been invited to do their stuff.

All done.

 It was difficult for me to decide what to paint on this large board. Other pictures already in situ are beautifully colourful and wide ranging subject matter. from a Mexican style desert view, bathing beauties and abstract flowers  I wanted to do something of a local theme but really wasn't too sure until I started. I have employed usual techniques using a mix of collage, house paint and acrylic.

 The boat and beach huts in the distance are newsprint and tissue.

 The colours are not showing up too well in the photo. The boat has a good dash of vivid green and yellow

Time flew. It took me about 5 hrs to get to this point. Had to stop as the colours were beginning to muddy up. So I've left it until tomorrow and will tackle it then with a fresh eye.

Hope I'll finish it this week and take it down at the weekend. PS. No prizes for noticing I used my photo of a Maltese tender as a model. The water is not such a vibrant turquoise in Brightlingsea !
I thought THIS was a wkd idea for part of the hoarding !

Thought for the day ! 

(from Buddhist offerings 365)