Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Working outside the box

Disaster struck least that was my initial thought. The key to my studio door got jammed in the lock, it wouldn't turn and it wouldn't come out. No amount of WD40 would loosen the wretched thing and for all of 40 minutes I wiggled and shook and even kicked the damn thing to try and get it to open......nope, not a thing. Now what?  I mused. I have a shed load of work I need to be getting on with, time is running out and it's all behind that stuck door! I did have my laptop in the house so all is not lost.

I have recently started Koan study and I am struggling with finding the time to 'sit' with a Koan. It's probably more of a fear about what may come up rather than not having time. Today was a good opportunity, no excuses.
Cushion put on the door step in the sun, I sat crossed legged listening to the wind, and instead of working on the Koan I was supposed to be working on I decided to 'sit as the wind'. A few things had been bugging me recently which I had been 'stuck' on, reluctant to change. It was windy today. The wind brings change, good weather, bad weather, the changing seasons, it never stays in the same place, each moment is different. Sometimes there is a lull and everything is still, not moving, then it starts again on it's relentless journey.

So that's what I did this morning for two hours, I was the wind. After, my head was much clearer and I started to think about being in the flow.....creatively, in my case. Sometimes creativity flows and other times it gets stuck and sometimes we need a jolt to get it moving again. I don't mean just for professional artists, but everyone. Some people just never feel they have the time to be creative, that family life or jobs get in the way. Or that they have a fear of criticism, that they are not 'good enough' to paint. Or that being creative takes them out of their comfort zone. Awakening our latent creative side is vital to our personal well being and the unlocking of creative inhibitions can only enhance our professional success too.
Soooo I have been exploring the idea of offering some 'unlocking creativity' workshops here at my studio. Exploring things like expressive painting, intuitive collage and making 3D works from found objects. A fun day shifting perspectives and preconceived notions!
If anyone is interested in finding out more about my workshops for the New Year, please email me.

So, being in the flow, blowing with the wind, was just what was needed and not a wasted day after all!
P.S. You don't always get what you want, but you always get what you need.