Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Upcycled wood

A by product of moving trees around the country is a mountain of disused pallets. At the end of the season the surplus pallets are broken up and stacked in the yard. The rain and sun slowly dulling the patina down to a beautiful grey. Looking like planks of drift wood washed up in the farm yard.
I started to use the wood to make frames for my pictures. A lot of initial trial and error, my carpentry is rubbish, I'm not wildly practical. The first ones were quite clumsy, but I think I know have mastered the electric drill ans jigsaw! They are not perfect but I think their girlieness and handmadeness adds to their charm!

A wash of white paint, allowed to dry then rubbed back with sand paper, adds to the drift woody effect.

The latest use I have found for the wood is to actualy paint on it.
A few planks screwed and glued together make a great board on which to work.

Nelly Furtado felt the need to come and check out my progress. Then became sidetracked by the need to lay an egg!

Several coats of gesso and we are ready to go. I quite often have a couple of projects on the go at once. Mainly because glue and paint take a few hours to dry. So while I wait for the gesso to dry on this one, I shall crack on with another collage I started the other day.

The sun is shining today...oh joy, how we all need a little sunshine. It has been a long winter.