Sunday, 16 May 2010

A new start

So here we are again, it's that time of year when I have time to be in my studio. It's been a slow start this year as the weather has been sooo inclement!
Not only am I tied up with selling trees in the winter months but my studio is unheated and only one breeze block thick....brass monkeys wouldn't be able to stand the cold. I really must install a wood burner.
Anyway the start of a new blog.... one to show case my art work this time, more than the usual ramblings. I will try and post every week, or at least when I have something new to show. More of a diary for me really.
I have some work in two local exhibitions at the moment..but more of that later.

I'm starting with a glimpse of the work has recently been tidied, so no rude remarks!