Monday, 21 January 2013

It's not my business

It's not my business to worry about what other people think, about me, about others, about anything. They will do what they do, they will think what they think, regardless of me. The only thing I can successfully change is how I react to other's reactions. Easier said than done sometimes ! 
I came across a a nice analogy today. What if we changed our perspective and viewed our lives as an artistic masterpiece....?

What if every day we viewed our 'painting' as an ongoing work..? every person we met had some little, or big, part to play in the composition. Every thing we encountered was there for the purpose of making our 'painting' richer. Whether it was a stranger in the street we passed a pleasantry with, or even an unpleasant encounter. Even the dinamics within our families. Every event teaches us something about ourselves. Looking at life in this way changes our perspective . We start looking for the lessons, the teachers, the reasons for an event taking place. What have we learnt from that....? We are the controllers of our lives. Everything comes from within us, not from outside of us. Suddenly every day seems like an adventure. It's all in the not knowing, expecting the unexpected.

The snow even reached Brightlingsea this weekend, what beautiful colours it gave the mud and cold water. 
I'm off to an island I visited a couple of years ago now, I'm not sure the weather is a whole lot better there in the winter, but a change is as good as a rest, as my Grandmother used to say. I am expecting the island to look quite different in the winter light, it was well into the 100's last time I was there. Looking forward to being inspired.

Keep warm.