Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What a view

I have been a bit of a bag lady this last 12 months and frankly it is quite tiring moving 'studio' all the time. But there is an air of excitement now as this view will be mine in a few months time. Can't wait.
I may have to take an air rifle to those Victoriana lights right in the way, but hey a small price to pay. I will have a studio on the roof terrace with the most wonderful view to inspire my painting. I am looking forward to a completely different landscape to work from and colours that are not often seen in this country. Though I have to say, this week, even the muddy creek water has taken on a whole new aspect in this wonderful sunshine.
I will continue to blog, WiFi connection permitting, and hope to give a different outlook on life.
In the meantime exhibitions continue down in Brightlingsea, so head on down if you haven't already been.