Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wild Frontiers

I have a couple of weeks to finish off some new works to be shown at The Naze Tower in September, as part of the continuing Pilgrimage exhibition. Stefanie, Janette and I have been given two floors of the tower to exhibit work, for both Pilgrimage and an opportunity to hang other work as well. 

The paintings below are a series of small mixed media works on board, inspired by a weekend's sailing up the coast. As we pootle along at a steady speed, there is plenty of time to watch the birds and the waves, enjoying the moment. No rush, nothing to achieve, I am present, I am here.
They can be seen at the Pilgrimage exhibition.

Wonderful colours on a rusty boat.

A day at Tollesbury looking for driftwood. I have lots of ideas to use planks of old boats, but it's proving difficult to find the right bits ! My guess is there is a black market racket going on for old boats LOL

Up the river Colne last weekend, past the ditch that is Wivenhoe at low tide. Why the landlord of the pub there hasn't built out a pontoon into the river, so boats can moor up and have a pint, is beyond me. Instead we have to sail past, on up to Rowhedge, where it is possible to moor up right along side the pub for a glass of the most expensive beer in Christendom !

An early morning bike ride this morning, took me past the start of a hunt. Hounds and riders flushing a wood.  It didn't look like they had put up any foxes. It all rather spoilt the peace and calm of 8am.

What a lovely view, looking down onto the estuary. There was a nip in the air this morning....hmmm, Autumn I fear, is on the way.

 Wild frontiers !