Thursday, 10 May 2012


'De Rien', a work in progress and my mode of transport on another leg of my pilgrimage. This time a couple of days sailing down the coast to Bradwell On Sea. I have long wanted to visit the church of St Peter on the walls and this seemed like a good opportunity to walk the six mile round trip from Bradwell marina, across the peninsula to the remote chapel. 

It's such a magical spot, windswept and wild. Though I'm at a loss as to why Cedd, on his way down from Lindisfarn, decided to stop here. It's impossible to get to by road, and especially in 645, it must have taken weeks to get to Maldon. Every Summer there is a pilgrimage to this church and I can see why, it really is a special place. Not to mention the oldest standing church in the country.

As I don't have a camera at the moment, I am having to rely on my phone to try and capture the wonderful colours of the changing skies and sea. Sorry, it doesn't do it justice. The sky was a wonderful bluey grey and the sea kept swapping between khaki and shimmering silver. Really lovely. I must try and capture it in paint. 

Today I walked a circular walk from Brightlingsea church, down through the quarry, through a waterlogged field of oil seed rape, along Alresford creek and back along the old railway to Bateman's tower and on through town to the church. I'm not sure how many miles it was because I can't set my pedometer properly.  It tells me I can eat at least 4 mars bars after that !!
No matter, it was a lovely walking meditation, watching and listening to the birds, counting snails on the path (19 stripey ones) and trying to let all those 'stories' in my head, blow away in the warm southerly wind.

Next week I'm off back to the home land of Wales, to walk a section of Offa's Dyke. Time only allows a 60 mile portion, though it is through the prettiest part of Mid Wales...biased? moi? ! I hope I will manage to get some half decent pics.