Sunday, 4 March 2012

Changing Tack, that's a technical term.

“If I was asked to get rid of the Zen aesthetic and just keep one quality necessary to create art, I would say it’s trust. When you learn to trust yourself implicitly, you no longer need to prove something through your art. You simply allow it to come out, to be as it is. This is when creating art becomes effortless. It happens just as you grow your hair. It grows.”  -John Daido Loori from “The Zen of Creativity”

I have been reading 'The Zen of Creativity' for a while, it's hugely inspiring and guaranteed to push through that block. Although I have really enjoyed the work I have been doing recently, it hasn't been quite what I expected! So, in stead of continuing I have completely changed tack. Just letting the paint express it's self ! trying not to over think the outcome.

I find Tumblr a big source of inspiration, not only with art, but also inspirational quotes and some wonderful photography. I use it as an on line scrapbook of all the things I love. It's remarkable how strong my theme is. Unwittingly I chose the same colour ways and styles of painting. Have a look, you can check out my Tumblr scrapbook HERE

Another beautiful day in Brightlingsea. This year, to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, there will be lots going on down there, not least a Summer Exhibition of art at the Waterside gallery. I'll keep you posted.
Don't forget the Pilgrimage Exhibition opens at Jardine's in Wivenhoe on 3rd April (Private View on 2nd, please email me if you would like to go). You can check out Stefanie and Janette's work, click on their names.