Friday, 26 August 2011

I hate the rain

As far as weather goes, I pretty much dislike rain. The only thing worse is cold and rain. Given the opportunity I would migrate south. I find it hard to work when the weather is grim. Don't ask me why. I just work better when I'm happy and I'm not happy when it's raining. Maybe it's the light, or lack of it ! Anyway I have managed to get a couple or three pieces done this week.
A couple more fishy ones on boards, and another Maltese doorway. My Scilly ideas are not gelling into work. I'm finding it a struggle not to do cliched Caribbean styleeeee beach scenes. I need to find a different angle. Maybe another trip ! LOL

Not finished

Studio Open Weekends are coming up again in September. A link over n the sidebar will take you to the website with info.
So that's it for now!