Sunday, 3 April 2011

Consciously streaming!

Another day, another workshop, sadly the last in this session of group days. Though I am available for extra days (min 2 people, see the side bar for details). Some really lovely expressive painting was produced today and again hugely varied.

Gilly, following the brief of layering, worked on this piece for a couple of hours. Ever increasing the complexity of texture and rhythm. The painting changed hugely over the time it was worked on, starting out as a still life, and ending up as an amazingly complex stream of consciousness. We are all unique filters through which experiences are processed, and it's a pleasure to witness this!

Vivienne experimented with texture by working into wet paint.

...and Pauline produced a lovely composition, incorporating newsprint and Chinese characters, adding interest. The paper had been primed using ordinary house emulsion, this gave a really interesting grainy base for the charcoal. Which goes to show even the cheapest of materials can be used to great effect.